Church History


Church History:

          In 1979, Pastor Calvin Bilderback felt the leading of the Lord to start a church in Springdale, Arkansas. Pastor Bilderback and Jim Collins heard the old Shady Grove Schoolhouse on 71B was for rent. They borrowed money and rented the building. On October 10, 1979 at 10:00 a.m., 20 people came to the Sunday morning service. Before church was over, there was a grand total of 35 people. October 27, 1979, Odell and Bertha Easterling gave one acre of land so that we could build or buy a building. They bought a building in Prairie Grove and had it moved to Springdale. The congregation moved into the new church on March 19, 1980, Just five short months later. The elders changed the name to Oak Grove Full Gospel.



About 22 years later, God woke Senior Pastor Calvin Bilderback up out of his sleep to change the name of the church to Mercy And Grace Cathedral. He said that he wanted this church to be a spiritual hospital for the lost and dying without hope. Later that year, Pastor Bilderback became very ill with Prostate Cancer. The week before Pastor Bilderback went to meet the Lord, he passed his mantel down to his son, Euel Bilderback who is now Senior Pastor of Mercy and Grace. Senior Pastor Euel has been wonderful. The church growth had tripled in size. God poured his blessing out on people and Deliverance is here every service. God saved souls every week. In 2004, 122 souls were saved.


Pastor Calvin Bilderback had a vision to start a daycare called “Grace Child Care”.

As of 2018, The daycare is still growing strong and is considered one of the most affordable daycares in the city of Springdale.   The daycare is a great blessing to Mercy and Grace Cathedral.


In 2001, Pastor Euel and Marsha went into full-time Evangelistic ministry and traveled All over the United State seeing souls saved for the Kingdom. The Pastor-ship was handed over to Pastor Larry and Kim Marler for seven years. In February 2018, Pastor Larry and Kim felt like God was through with them at Mercy and Grace and handed the church back over to Pastor Euel and Marsha. Their vision is seeing lost saved and helping people.

We welcome all who want to come and be a part of God’s Family.